Photo Gallery

Meet the Vanderkooi Friesians:

Rikst fan de Koarndyk – Star Preferent

Rikst was born April.8 1989 and was the first horse the Vanderkooi’s imported from Friesland. She has been an excellent brood mare producing approximately 15 beautiful healthy foals over the years. Rikst is a Star Preferent mare as was her mother Jalkje. Her Sire is Teake. Even though she is the Alfa mare of the pack she has a quiet, sweet temperament, and remains the favorite horse to all who meet her.


Johan from Abbyview

Johan was born January 25th 1995. His sire is IDS and his Dam is Zo-Liente Je Fan Koartwald. Johan is the sole Stallion for the Vanderkooi’s with a personality unlike any stallion you have ever met. At the age of 14 he is still playful and spirited, as is evident in his photos. At the same time Johan is gentle enough to use as a riding lessons horse, and at times has been known to carry one of the younger Vanderkooi grandson’s bareback! He is an elegant mover with a gorgeous long curly mane, a long thick tail that currently sweeps the ground, and full fetlock feathers. This horse not only has the looks but he can do it all, dressage, jumping, parades, lessons, you name it. In his younger years, Johan was shown through fourth level Dressage and won championship at his last show with trainer Donna Wnuk from Fancy Free Farm.


Nico from Abby View

Nico was born April 7th 1996 to Sire Warn and Dam Zo-Lient Je fan Koartwald. As I’m sure you have noticed he is half brothers with Johan. Nico is a very talented carriage horse and is Hanks number one choice when competing. He is very friendly and calm, he’s performed in many competitions, parades, weddings and other special events. Nico packs plenty of character and prefers to be ridden Western over English which makes him the token western horse at Vanderkooi Farms.


Heike from Abby View

Heike was born to Dam Rikst Fan De Koarndyk and Sire Feitse on May 13th 2002.  She is a Ster mare like her mother and also has the honor of being a 3 first premie mare. She is an excellent dressage horse and carriage horse. She has been ridden and driven in parades and competitions as well as used as a lesson horse.